About us 

We are Norway's first management for female football players - led by women for women 👊🏼 

Women's football is growing tremendously. However, very few women receive assistance in their athletic careers when it comes to brand building, negotiations, legal matters, etc. We recognize the need for guidance and support for female football players in Norway in their everyday lives as athletes. We are here to contribute to the advancement of women's football.

Our team consists of competent individuals in their respective fields, with a background in football. This composition gives us a unique advantage in understanding the athlete's best interests. Additionally, we have skilled collaborators who further enhance our expertise. Together, we are strong. Feel free to reach out if you wish to contribute.

Welcome to the team!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer agency services?

Yes, that's correct. Gabrielle Lemos Lie and Maren Brennbakk is our FIFA-licensed agents. Contact them directly at gabrielle@femea.no and maren@femea.no 

2. What does Fêmea means?

Fêmea is Brazilian and means female. As we are a management led by women for women, and Brazil is the homeland of football, we thought it sounded fitting!

3. Who is suitable to join the management?

We aim to be a management for both elite and grassroots players. Get in touch, and let's explore what works best for you and your situation. We offer a range of services, and it's not a prerequisite to be part of the squad to benefit from these.

Pregnancy within the realm of elite sports

One of our key focuses at Fêmea Management is fostering transparency and shifting attitudes surrounding pregnancy within the realm of elite sports. ‼️

We advocate for creating an environment that embraces and accommodates parenthood alongside a professional athletic career, should the athlete so desire. 

Currently, there exists a gap in knowledge, attitudes, and financial support in this regard. We often question why female football players retire prematurely, contributing to the relatively low average age of retirement. Female athletes compete at the highest level throughout their fertile years, leading to undue pressure to make choices regarding family planning. It is our belief that female athletes should not have to sacrifice the opportunity to become mothers in order to pursue their sporting ambitions, particularly when these aspirations are entirely compatible. 

Our mission is to promote and optimize conditions for athletes who choose to balance parenthood with their careers, striving to normalize this aspect of professional sports.